On 13th September, the EduTec team members Daniele Di Mitri, Jan Schneider, Fernando Cardernas, Gianluca Romano, and George Ciordas, Sebastian Gombert and Onur Karademir contributed to organising the workshop at EC-TEL 2022 conference entitled MILeS 2022 – Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems.

The DIPF also authored various contributions to the workshop:

  • Bibeg Limbu, Gitte Van Helden, Jan Schneider and Marcus Specht. We can teach more than we can tell: combining Deliberate Practice, Embodied Cognition, and Multimodal Learning.
  • Fernando Pedro Cardenas Hernandez and Jan Schneider. Considerations in Feedback and Periodization for the Multimodal Learning Experience of Running via Wearable Devices
  • Gianluca Romano. Meaningful Feedback from Wearable Sensor Data to Train Psychomotor Skills
  • Daniele Di Mitri, Sebastian Gombert and Onur Karademir. Reflecting on the Actionable Components of a Model for Augmented Feedback

The MILeS 2022 workshop is organised in the context of the German BMBF-funded research project MILKI-PSY, which aims to develop AI-supported, data-intensive, multimodal, immersive learning environments for the independent learning of psychomotor skills. This leads to a cross-domain approach that makes it possible to record the activities of experts in a multimodal manner and to use these recordings as blueprints for learners. With the help of AI-based analysis, learning progress is to be supported by automated error detection and automatically generated individual feedback. This creates holistic, innovative environments for cultivating psychomotor skills, in which personalised AI support enables individual learning processes based on complex data analysis.