Here you can find our LaTeX & Word templates for Bachelor and Master thesis
This template can also be used for the Seminar report

LaTeX set up guidelines:

Online method
1. Go to Overleaf and CREATE a FREE account.
2. Download – Latex Thesis-Project Template (Download).
3. In Overleaf click on “New Project” and upload the “Zip” lateX template file.
4. Compile and have fun ;).

Offline method:
1. Install MiKTeX (Download).
2. Install TeXstudio (Download).
– TeXstudio is an integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents.
3. Download – Latex EduTec Thesis-Project Template (Download).
4. Unzip the file and open “main.tex” file with TeXstudio. Try to compile and run it on your machine.

Word Template:
Download – Word EduTec Thesis-Project Template (Download).

In case of any issues feel free to contact us.
Contact Person: Atezaz Ahmad, a.ahmad [at]

Please mention Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler as your first examiner after you finalize your topic and before you begin your thesis. You also need to fill the second examiner field. If you know a Professor who can be your second examiner, please send this document to them and request their signature. If you do not have anyone, please talk to your supervisor about it.

Assessment Rubrics:

Within the EduTec School we have a wide variety of Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) theses ranging from new techno-didactic concepts, stakeholders’ analysis to infrastructure components for AI-supported learning and teaching.
In order to be transparent about the assessment process and guarantee comparable quality standards for BA / MA thesis, we have developed the following assessment rubrics to evaluate the quality of a thesis. After your thesis expose is delivered, please consult with your thesis supervisor which assessment rubric best suits your thesis.

Assessment Rubrics EduTec V2.1 (Download)