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This is the recurring event of the Oberseminar in Education Technologies scheduled for each Tuesday from 11 AM to 12 PM. In some circumstances, it can be moved; please refer to the schedule below.

The Oberseminar takes place on Zoom in the following room.

Oberseminar Education Technology (public)

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Meeting ID: 666 8897 0490
Passcode: Obersem


Bachelor students need to present their thesis in the OberseminarFor Master students the Oberseminar is voluntary. The purpose of this Oberseminar is to present, either completed or in progress, Bachelor theses in the field of educational technologies in a presentation of about 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion with EduTec staff members about the outcomes, methods and related work. The goals of the Obersemianr are:

  1. Get to know what else is being researched in the research group
  2. Exploiting synergies
  3. Practising the presentation and the scientific discussion
  4. Demonstrate outcomes of the Bachelor thesis

The target audience is primarily students who are interested in writing their thesis in our field of study. The Oberseminar is open to all interested students to get used to writing a Bachelor thesis at the EduTec group. Current topics can be found here.

Upcoming Oberseminars

DateTimeLocationStudentTopicThesis TypeSupervisor
27.02.202311:00ZoomJoost RäschEntwicklung eines webbasierten Interfaces für
automatisierte Interviewtranskription
BScSebastian Gombert
13.02.202311:00ZoomMahmoud Alhag AliRobuste transformatorbasierte Sprache-zu-Text-Methoden für die automatische
Transkription von Interviews
BScSebastian Gombert
04.12.202312:00ZoomZhang, ChufanVideoannotation- und Analyse-Dashboard für PräsentationstrainerBScJan Schneider,
Atezaz Ahmad
15.11.202312:30ZoomDavid BurgstallerLearning Analytics Dashboard for a Lifelong Learning PlatformBScAtezaz Ahmad
28.09.202311:00ZoomVedat YildizSelf Regulated Learning Analytics Dashboard for the Presentation TrainerBScAtezaz Ahmad, Jan Schneider
25.07.202311:00ZoomLaurenz ThegemeyTranscription-based analysis of video
BScDaniele Di Mitri
18.07.202311:00ZoomNaram KimEfficient Language Memorisation app with StoriesBScJan Schneider
18.07.202311:00ZoomElmira MoanedEffects of Monitored and Reward-based studying sessions on Improving motivation among underperforming students BScJan Schneider
18.07.202311:00ZoomDaniela CislaruAssessing the impact of a Customized Online Platform on improving study habits and focus among studentsBScJan Schneider
13.06.202311:00ZoomShihadiya, Anageem Klassifikation von lernrelevanten YouTube-Videos mit Deep LearningBScDaniel Biedermann
09.05.202311:00ZoomBui, Hai MiThe Power of AI for Clustering of Exit Slip ResponsesBScSebastian Wollny
09.05.202311:00ZoomDiego ScarcellaSolving Arithmetics while Running out of Breath: MathKinetics, an Explorative StudyBScJan Schneider
02.05.202311:00ZoomJakub PietraszkoBenefits of micro learning visualised in a mobile applicationBScJan Schneider
02.05.202311:00zoomNicola VidovicTracking the Consistency of Simple motions using SmartphonesBScJan Schneider
11.04.202311:00ZoomYumurtaci, EmreEntwicklung eines Discord-Bots für sozial geteilten FokusBScDaniel Biedermann
28.03.202311:00ZoomAmin, ElhamDetermining attentiveness in class
through body-pose estimation
BScDaniele Di Mitri
07.02.202311:00ZoomHashemi, NioushaVocal and facial emotion recognition
models for the multimodal analysis of
educational videos
MScDaniele Di Mitri
24.01.202311:30ZoomBokari, FernandoEin Kurztrip nach Italien- Ein Serious Game zum Vokabeln lernenBScJan Schneider
24.01.202311:00ZoomTobias, Joshua LeonInvestigating the usage of motion
capture in educational games and
improving its accessibility
BScDaniele Di Mitri
07.12.202211:00ZoomVo Thanh, EliasDie Analyse der Auswirkungen von
verschiedenen Lichtfarben und Helligkeitsstufen auf die Leseverständnisund die Gedächtnisfähigkeiten von Lernenden
BScJan Schneider &
George-P. Ciordas-Hertel
22.11.202211:00ZoomLee, DaeunA time-management app for university students to increase productivity: Design, Development and EvaluationBScJane Yau
18.10.202211:00ZoomAltuntas, BeydaDetecting Triggers for Distraction in a Learning Environment through Smart WearablesBScGeorge-P. Ciordas-Hertel
20.09.202211:30ZoomRackerseder, KilianEntwicklung glaubwürdiger, virtueller Agenten als Gruppenmitglieder für digitale LernträumeBScDaniel Biedermann
20.09.202211:00ZoomLa, Tan Tin KennyLeveraging “Reflection” for smartphone usage self-reflectionBScDaniel Biedermann
06.09.202211:00ZoomKarroçi, MarviDeveloping a Learning Dashboard based on Process Data IndicatorsBScDaniele Di Mitri, Onur Karademir
06.09.202211.30zoomLi, XiaoyingDeveloping a Learning Analytics
Dashboard for Teaching Assistants
BScOnur Karademir
30.08.202211:00ZoomMedvid, GannaRequirement Analysis for the Use of Chatbots in Language Learning EducationBScSebastian Wollny
10.08.202211:00zoomEsad IslamovicAutomated Categorization of Learning Analytics Scientific PapersMScAtezaz Ahmad
9.8.202211:00zoomMaher BakkourLearningHub WebBScJan Schneider
28.06.202211:30ZoomÖzdemir, RamazanConference Analytics ToolkitBScIoana Jivet
28.06.202211:00DIPFEpp, AleksandrPrivacy preserving multimodal learning analytics using visual animations of kinematic dataMScDaniele Di Mitri
07.06.202211:00ZoomKadir, KayaPrevelance and effectiveness of digital behavior change interventionsBScDaniel Biedermann
31.05.202211:00ZoomDollansky, AlexanderEntwicklung und Evaluation einer Zielsetzungs-Intervention im BrowserBScDaniel Biedermann
10.05.202211:00ZoomMaximilian​ MendlA Self Quantification Tool for Reflecting on the Distance Learning EnvironmentBScGeorge-P. Ciordas-Hertel
03.05.202211:00zoomBarisic, Andela KalrlaDaylio on Smartwatch – Proposal for
the Smartwatch App
BScDaniele Di Mitri
03.05.202211:30zoomTaraki, Habibullah“SmarterRunner” an application that helps to support the development of running skills using smartphones and smartwatchesBScJan Schneider
19.04.202211:00zoomHeckmann, DennisEntwicklung und Evaluation
glaubwürdiger Bots für digitale
BScDaniel Biedermann
08.02.202210:00zoomZhang, ZitongDesigning a Personalized- Feedback System for Learning Analytics Dashboards based on Feedback TheoryBScOnur Karademir
18.01.202210:30zoomDa Silva Illing, ThomasEducational Benefits of Virtual and Augmented RealityBScJan Schneider
30.11.202111:30ZoomBayraktar, Günay A Dynamic Visual Analytics DashboardMScAtezaz Ahmad
28.09.202111:30ZoomCetinkaya, UfukImproving virtual learning sessions through emotion recognition modelsBScDaniele Di Mitri
28.09.202111:00ZoomBöttger, FelixDevelopment of an Infrastructure for Machine Learning Supported Live Learning Analytics in Distanced Learning ScenariosBScDaniele Di Mitri
22.09.202111:30ZoomBurg, AndréAffective computer interfaces with EEGBScDaniele Di Mitri
22.09.202111:00ZoomBuraha, TetianaErfassen und Analyse von physiologischen Daten während des Ausführens kognitiver AufgabenBScJan Schneider
05.10.202111:30ZoomHolzinger, DanielSystementwicklung und Studie zur Feststellung des Einflusses von sozialer Kontrolle auf das digitale LernverhaltenBScDaniel Biedermann
05.10.202111:00ZoomHeinrichs, Jona LukasA Knowledge Tracing Approach to Students’ Trace Data in an Online Class EnvironmentBScDaniele Di Mitri
19.10.202111:30zoomFabian PlößerUsing Smartphone and Smartwatch Sensors to Assist Learning to Play the DrumsBScJan Schneider