How can I start to work on a bachelor/master thesis?
1. Select a potential topic from this list
2. Get in contact with a topic supervisor mentioned for your topic (if you get no reply in two weeks, the supervisor is unavailable!)
3. Write 2-4 pages expose of the thesis by using the template
4. Send the expose to the topic supervisor with an appointment request
5. Appointment with EduTec supervisor
Bring a printed version of the expose AND the thesis registration form of the Goethe University examination office of the Computer Science department.
6. Please mention Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler as your first examiner after you finalize your topic and before you begin your thesis. You also need to fill the second examiner field. If you know a Professor who can be your second examiner, please send this document to them and request their signature. If you do not have anyone, please talk to your supervisor about it.

What criteria will be applied to assess the quality of my bachelor/master thesis?
Within the EduTec School, we have a wide variety of Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) theses ranging from new techno-didactic concepts, stakeholders’ analysis to infrastructure components for AI-supported learning and teaching.
In order to be transparent about the assessment process and guarantee comparable quality standards for BA / MA thesis, we have developed the following assessment rubrics to evaluate the quality of a thesis. After your thesis expose is delivered, please consult with your thesis supervisor which assessment rubric best suits your thesis.
Assessment Rubrics EduTec V2.1 (Download)

What topics can I select for my bachelor/master thesis?
The following projects can be investigated for either a Bachelor or a Master thesis.
Within the research field of Educational Technologies, we have a broad range of projects, generally, we distinguish those projects between ‘Research’ (RES) and ‘Development’ (DEV) projects.
RES: Research projects are supposed to deliver a scientific manuscript that describes the State-of-the-Art-of-the-Research, formulates research questions, collects or reuses a dataset to than discuss the results and provide an answer to the research questions. Normally, these projects require less programming work. The reports can be written in German or English.
DEV: Development projects produce a working prototype that is well documented. The written report may be shorter and require less research than in the development projects.
In some cases, the projects can be both RES and DEV projects. Furthermore, the projects can also be conducted in teams, but then each member of a group needs to have a clear task description and outcome to show: Click here for the list of open topics

Do I need to present my thesis to a committee?
Bachelor students need to present their thesis in the Oberseminar. For Master students the Oberseminar is voluntary. The purpose of this Oberseminar is to present, either completed or in progress, Bachelor theses in the field of educational technologies in a presentation of about 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion with EduTec staff members about the outcomes, methods and related work. The goals of the Obersemianr are:

  1. Get to know what else is being researched in the research group
  2. Exploiting synergies
  3. Practising the presentation and the scientific discussion
  4. Demonstrate outcomes of the Bachelor thesis

The target audience is primarily students who are interested in writing their thesis in our field of study. The Oberseminar is open to all interested students to get used to writing a Bachelor thesis at the EduTec group. Current topics can be found here.