Research and Developing projects for your Bachelor or Master thesis. The following projects can be investigated for either a Bachelor or a Master thesis.
Within the research field of Educational Technologies we have a broad range of projects, generally, we distinguish those projects between ‘Research’ (RES) and ‘Development’ (DEV) projects.

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  • RES: Research projects are supposed to deliver a scientific manuscript that describes the State-of-the-Art-of-the-Research, formulates research questions, collects or reuses a dataset to than discuss the results and provide an answer to the research questions. Normally, these projects require less programming work. The reports can be written in German or English.
  • DEV: Development projects do not require to have a written report, but are supposed to deliver working prototypes that are well documented.

In some cases, the projects can be both RES and DEV projects. Furthermore, the projects can also be conducted in teams, but then each member of a group needs to have a clear task description and outcome to show.

In a course set up, all projects will be presented in a colloquium at the end of the semester.  Bachelor students need to present their tools only, while Master students need to show the contribution of their work to the body of knowledge in Educational Technologies during the project presentation.