Hendrik Drachsler, Sebastian Gombert and Gianluca Romano participated at the Roundtable in Munich for the CORE project (Critical Online Reasoning in Higher Education) from 04.03.-05.03.2024. In those two days, our team had the chance to recapitulate on how the infrastructure stood strong during the first survey from December 2023 to February 2024, and pave the way for next steps and surveys.

In summary, the infrastructure performed well. It dealt with approximately 10Mio. requests per seconds and the majority of hurdles participants reported were out of our authority. Requests from participants were dealt with quickly in a few days on average. Even though we are proud of our achievements there is still a lot to be done for future surveys.

For the agenda we split into smaller groups, each of us representing our project, and participating in passionate discussions. Now we set sail to improve the infrastructure, specifically robustness and ticket handling, while preparing the integration process of data and analyses into the database.

The EduTec team is part of the CORE C08 project “Integrating Students’ Process and Textual Data for Measuring the Interdependency of Domain-Specific and Generic Critical Online Reasoning” with 3 main objectives. Firstly, it aims to establish an authentic digital assessment and learning environment in the AZURE cloud, providing students with a platform that mirrors their computer usage habits. Secondly, C08 will gather valuable insights by integrating multimodal textual and response process data into the Multimodal Learning Data Science System (MLDS). This infrastructure will enable in-depth examinations of students’ actions and textual interactions across various tasks. Lastly, C08 will delve deep into its multimodal dataset to uncover hidden connections between students’ text-based activities and their behavioral responses while engaging in tasks. This analysis promises to shed light on important correlations that can enhance our understanding of learning processes.