Technologies influence our daily lives also in the area of learning and teaching. As a result, Educational Technologies can be found in many areas of educational practices: in schools, in higher education, as well as in the area of professional learning and teaching – in various disciplines like health, logistics or aviation control.

The EduTec group at the TBA Centre for Technology-Based Assessment at DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education in Frankfurt, Germany conducts research in these areas. We are an interdisciplinary and multinational research group, which brings together technical and social disciplines such as computer science, information and engineering science, but also psychology, pedagogy, and didactics to innovate education.

While the more technical disciplines are aimed at designing, developing, and testing technologies, the social and behavioral sciences are focused on modeling and analyzing the implications of human behavior and interaction with technologies. Within the EduTec group, we combine both perspectives to make learning and teaching more appealing (attractive), effective or efficient.
To increase the attractiveness of learning, we apply Virtual- and Augmented Reality technologies, but also 3D printing to make learning more meaningful. We develop infrastructures and tools that make administration in educational organizations less time consuming and more convenient; thus increasing efficiency. For the sake of effectiveness of learning, we provide rich and immediate feedback and interventions by means of personalization technologies and learning analytics, but also innovative learning and teaching concepts such as collaborative learning and problem-based learning concepts.

More details on our projects, products, publications, and way of teaching can be found on the website. Feel welcome to get in touch with us if you are interested in Educational Technologies and their application in the field of education.