Former Associate Researcher in the Educational Technologies at DIPF

Information Center for Education
Rostocker Straße 6, 60323 Frankfurt am Main
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Ioana Jivet is Associate Researcher at EduTech group at DIPF Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education. Ioana obtained her Masters degree in Computer Science in 2016 from the TU Delft and then pursued a PhD at the Open University of the Netherlands which she obtained in March 2021 Cum Laude. Her research focused on designing learner-facing learning analytics dashboards that foster the development of self-regulated learning skills. Over the past years, she has contributed to Competen-SEA, a capacity building project in South-East Asia around MOOCs, and SHEILA, a research project that investigated the adoption of learning analytics in European higher education institutions and built a policy development framework for HEIs to facilitate adoption. At the moment, Ioana is serving on the Executive Committee of the Society of Learning Analytics Research as Secretary.
  • Self-regulated learning and feedback
  • Learning analytics uptake and adoption
  • Culture and learning analytics design
  • PhD in Learning Analytics at Open University of the Netherlands, 2021
  • Master of Science in Computer Science, TU Delft, The Netherlands 2016
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Politechnica University of Timisoara, Romania, 2012
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