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Planetary Hopes: C3S der GU Seeks Solutions to Planetary Polycrisis
June 14, 2024
Global warming is causing sea levels to rise, making coastal cities uninhabitable. The earth’s biodiversity is being lost and the changing climatic conditio
The final Consortial Meeting of the MILKI-PSY Project was held in Cologne
June 11, 2024
At the end of May, all project partners of the Multimodal Immersive Learning with Artificial Intelligence for Psychomotor Skills (MILKI-PSY) project convened fo...
GREAT project posters presentations at IEEE Games, Entertainment & Media Conference
June 11, 2024
Jane Yau was at the IEEE Games, Entertainment and Media Conference last week in Torino, Italy (5-7 June), and shared GREAT project findings - 📢Co-des...
What is University? Presentation in the Lecture Series of Goethe University
June 10, 2024
On Thursday, 6th June 2024, Hendrik Drachsler and Daniele Di Mitri presented "Multimodal Learning Analytics: How AI and sensor technology are changing the w...
New Pub: Emotional and motivational effects of automated and personalized feedback
June 10, 2024
With increasingly large student numbers, providing personalized teacher feedback becomes untenable. On the other hand, providing students feedback about the...
JTEL workshop: Making Presentable Research
June 3, 2024
On May 14th, a workshop titled "Making Presentable Research" was held at the JTEL Summer School 2024, led by Stefan Hummel, Nina Mouhammad, Daniele Di Mitri...
Last HIKOF-Beiratsmeeting & Project Wrap-Up 2021-2024
May 29, 2024
On 13.5.24, HIKOF project members – Hendrik, Jane, Josh, Sebastian G. (DIPF), Andreas Frey, Aron Fink (GU Psychology), Tornike and Thorsten (GU Studiumdigitale)
New BJET special section published
May 27, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of education, innovative technologies continue to shape the way we learn and acquire new skills. One such frontier that is gainin...

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