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New Pub: LAxplore: An NLP-Based Tool for Distilling Learning Analytics and Learning Design Instruments out of Scientific Publications
November 23, 2023
Abstract: Each year, the amount of research publications is increasing. Staying on top of the state of the art is a pressing issue. The field of Learning An...
GREAT Project Presentation at a brainstorming event on diversity and research data
November 14, 2023
A virtual brainstorming event named “The Impact of Diversity on Research Quality: Exploring the Knowledge Gap” was organized by the Berlin Institute of Health,
Conference: Paper presentation at IC3K 2023
November 14, 2023
The purpose of the IC3K is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners on the areas of Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowled...
Unveiling Gender Bias in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Insights from a CS Hackathon Study
November 14, 2023
Gender stereotypes about women and men are prevalent in computer science (CS). The study's goal was to investigate the role of gender bias in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), group work in a CS context, by elaborating on gendered experiences in the perception of individual and team performance in mixed-gender teams in a hackathon.
New Pub: Social Presence and Psychological Distance
November 13, 2023
Social presence –the sense that others are 'real' and 'there'– is a key variable in understanding interpersonal dynamics in online learning environments. As stu
Empowering TEDx Event in Frankfurt Explores the Role of Feminist AI in Driving Gender Equality and Inclusivity
October 23, 2023
Explore the empowering TEDx event in Frankfurt, where researcher Dana Kube's TED talk delves into the potential of feminist AI to drive gender equality and inclusivity. Join the conversation on reshaping society and sparking change.
New Pub: Development and initial validation of an instrument to measure student feedback literacy
October 23, 2023
To ensure quality higher education, students should routinely receive feedback on their academic endeavors. Alongside the question of what makes feedback effect...
Reflecting on the 8th National AI in Schools Conference: Transforming Teaching and Learning
October 12, 2023
The 8th National Conference on AI in Schools, held in Berlin, was a momentous event that gathered experts, policy-makers, and educators to discuss the current l...

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