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Learning Analytics Anwendungen für den Hochschuleinsatz – Eine praxisnahe Übersicht
February 24, 2021
Das Forschungsfeld Learning Analytics wächst in den letzten Jahren beständig. Mit dem Wachstum entstanden eine Vielzahl von Technologien und Anwendungen. Diese
Participate: Learn more about AR technology in STEM education in European schools in our online dissemination seminar on March 29
February 22, 2021
Learn more about AR4STE(A)M in our online seminar! Register here: ME1-Invitation Take a look at the latest trends and technologies used in STEM classes a...
Künstliche Intelligenz füttert natürliche Gehirne
February 17, 2021
Interview originally published on leibniz-gemeinschaft.de  written by Christoph Herbort-von Loeper. **  English version below ** Künstliche Intelligenz fütt
NEW Newsletter and Update on AR4STEAM
February 15, 2021
AR4STE(A)M Newsletter 2 We have the pleasure to update you by this Newsletter with advance made in our project, which is designed to provide attractive means...
Nina Seidenberg joins the team
February 11, 2021
Starting January 1st 2021 Nina Seidenberg joins the EduTech team. She has a part time position at the DIPF and is also working for studiumdigitale (Goethe U...
Onur Karademir joins the team
February 8, 2021
Starting February 1st 2021 Onur Karademir joins the EduTec team as a PhD candidate. During his studies in M.Sc. Computer Science at the Goethe University Frankf...
#Resilience Press Release AR4STE(A)M Project
January 30, 2021
The AR4STE(A)M project team is resilient in Corona times! Despite the ongoing pandemic preventing any physical events from taking place, AR4STE(A)M Proje...
Two fully funded PhD positions open
January 26, 2021
Two 3-years, fully-funded PhD positions are available at the DIPF in the EduTec team. The two PhD positions are connected to recently acquired projects b...

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