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GREAT project presentation at World Forum Women in Science – Theme “Science for the SDGs”
April 17, 2024
On 15 April, GREAT project manager Dr. Jane Yau had the pleasure of moderating the session Technology, Sustainability and Industry with Prof. Nova Ahmed at the ...
New Pub: Feedback sources in essay writing: peer-generated or AI-generated feedback?
April 16, 2024
A newly published article discusses the use of peer feedback as a learning strategy, particularly in large classes where teachers face heavy workloads. For comp...
New Publication: Addressing gender in STEM classrooms: The impact of gender bias on women scientists’ experiences in higher education careers in Germany
April 15, 2024
In an expert study conducted in Germany, Dana Kube and her research team delve into the complex dynamics of gender bias within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) classrooms. The study, aimed at understanding the role gender plays in shaping the experiences of women scientists in higher education, sheds light on the challenges they face and proposes strategies for fostering gender inclusivity in STEM classrooms.
Team led by Sebastian Gombert wins one of two tracks at BEA 2024 shared task on predicting Item Difficulty and Item Response Time
April 11, 2024
For standardized exams to be fair and reliable, they must include a diverse range of question difficulties to accurately assess test taker abilities. Additional...
CORE Roundtable in Munich
March 27, 2024
Hendrik Drachsler, Sebastian Gombert and Gianluca Romano participated at the Roundtable in Munich for the CORE project (Critical Online Reasoning in Higher Educ...
Interview in Zeit Online: Cell Phone Bans in Schools
March 20, 2024
In an interview with Zeit Online, Hendrik Drachsler explains his views on digitalization and cell phone bans in schools. He outlines that the hurdles associated...
Didacta Presentation in Cologne: Key Questions to Find Fitting AI Solutions For Student Feedback
March 20, 2024
What are the goals of AI in education for student feedback? How can teachers make sure that their AI-assisted feedback goes beyond simple right/wrong statements...
Podcast “Sitzenbleiben” About AI in Education
March 19, 2024
In a special edition of the DIPF podcast "Sitzenbleiben", Kai Maaz (Executive Director of DIPF) and Hendrik Drachsler discuss the potentials and hurdles of inte...

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