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Reelection in the Executive Committee of SoLAR
March 20, 2023
Ioana Jivet has been reelected to the Executive Committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) for another mandate of two years 2023-2025. The...
Highly Informative LA Workshop at LAK23
March 20, 2023
On the 13th of March 2023, as part of the LAK23 conference, five EduTec team members (Daniele Di Mitri, Ioana Jivet, Sebastian Gombert, Atezaz Ahmad and Hendrik...
Best Short Paper Award Nomination @LAK23
March 20, 2023
The protection of students’ privacy in learning analytics (LA) applications is critical for cultivating trust and effective implementations of LA in educational
New Pub: Students’ expectations of Learning Analytics across Europe
March 8, 2023
What do European students expect from Learning Analytics? To help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop and implement Learning Analytics systems that ...
Dissemination event for the AFELK project
March 8, 2023
Digital lessons can help track individual student learning progression, analyze the extent to which they are productive and report this information back to teac...
New Pub: Caught in the Lifelong Learning Maze: Helping People with Learning Analytics and Chatbots to Find Personal Career Paths
March 7, 2023
Abstract—Current lifelong learning platforms offer users a query option to select a wide variety of courses. However, finding a suitable course among the seemin
GREAT Project kick-off on 1-2 March
March 3, 2023
A fruitful and successful kick-off meeting for the GREAT project (Games Realising Effective and Affective Transformation, co-funded by EU and UKRI) with all...
Book Chapter – A Trusted Learning Analytics Dashboard for Displaying OER
February 27, 2023
Abstract Learning Analytics (LA) consists of miscellaneous steps that include data harvesting, storing, cleaning, anonymisation, mining, analysis, and visual...

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