In a special edition of the DIPF podcast “Sitzenbleiben”, Kai Maaz (Executive Director of DIPF) and Hendrik Drachsler discuss the potentials and hurdles of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into education.

The conversation surrounding AI’s capabilities and constraints has been rapidly gaining traction. Especially the emergence of large language models like ChatGPT has revolutionized the text creation process, which showcase the vast opportunities that AI technologies can bring to the education sector.

Questions abound regarding AI’s impact on education:

  • How can AI impact tasks such as homework or exams?
  • How can AI enrich lessons?
  • Which data protection issues need to be considered?
  • How can students and educators receive adequate support in navigating AI’s integration into learning environments?

These questions serve as focal points which are examined in this newly available podcast episode. One of the contexts of the podcast episode is also the recently published impulse paper on Large Language Models from the SWK (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs), which Hendrik and other members of the EduTec team helped contributed to as external experts.