In the SWK Talk Special “Large Language Models and their potential in the education system” on 18.01.2024, the SWK (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs) presented its impulse paper on Large Language Models.

For the impulse paper, the SWK consulted external experts, including members of the EduTec Team, on teaching and learning with AI and LLM. The aim was to contribute to the current debate on the potential of LLM in the education system.

The key conclusion is that the German education system currently faces the task of trying to utilize the potentials of generative AI technologies such as LLM, while at the same time recognizing their limitations and finding a way to responsibly deal with their restrictions.

The paper also emphasizes the importance of a close collaboration between practice and science, along with the need for a rapid expansion of training programs using domain-specific tools. Training for LLM should involve high-quality data and adapt to existing findings. LLM is recommended from lower secondary levels onward, with a focus on tool-free text creation from the eighth grade. The diverse use of LLM at universities should also align with DFG guidelines. The paper also emphasizes that the examination culture should change, with teacher assessment supported by AI tools, and the retention of tool-free examination sections.

Additionally, it is important to create cost-effective access to AI systems for students and teachers, to advance other AI-based approaches and to integrate LLM into learning platforms. The need for clear regulations in legal and ethical gray areas is also emphasized.

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