A new workshop paper was presented at the MILeS 2022 workshop written by Daniele Di Mitri, Sebastian Gombert, Onur Karademir entitled: Reflecting on the Actionable Components of a Model for Augmented Feedback.

The MILeS 2022 – Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems workshop took place on the 13th of September at EC-TEL 2022 conference taking place in Toulouse, France.

The paper will appear in the CEUR proceedings.

Abstract. In this paper, we introduce the concept of “Augmented feedback” as an enhanced version of traditional educational feedback enriched by digital data and artificial intelligence. To provide an operational definition of augmented feedback, we acknowledge previous research in the fields of technology-enhanced learning and learning analytics. We argue why augmented feedback constitutes a promising research direction for the future of learning. We define the actionable components for a new model of augmented feedback. We also point to relevant use case scenarios stemming from existing projects in learning analytics and artificial intelligence in education, which employ the concept of augmented feedback to various degrees. In doing so, we also point out various open questions and challenges that the notion of augmented feedback implies.