Postdoctoral Researcher in the Educational Technologies at DIPF
Information Center for Education
Rostocker Straße 6, 60323 Frankfurt am Main
+49 (0)
j.schneider [at]

Dr. Jan Schneider is a postdoctoral researcher at the Educational Technologies group of the DIPF. He started his career as a researcher on 2008 working as a Human Computer Interaction researcher the Expertise Centre for Digital Media at Hasselt University in Belgium. There he worked for several research projects in the areas of Multi-Touch and mobile interactions. On December 2017 he received his PhD from the Open University of the Netherlands on the topic of “Sensor based Learning support”. During his PhD he worked on two European projects (Metalogue and Wekit) and his developed research prototypes got awarded in three different international conferences (EC-TEL 2014, EC-TEL 2015, ICMI 2015). His current research focus is in the area of Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA), where he is investigating the creation of generic frameworks and solutions designed to support the learning process with the use of Multimodal Data.
  • Multimodal Learning Analytics
  • Sensor-based Learning support
  • Ubiquitous Interfaces
  • Interactive Learning Technologies
  • PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning at the Open University of the Netherlands, Heerlen Netherlands 2017
  • Master in information Technology, Jönköping University, 2007 Sweden
  • Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineering, ITESM Mexico 2004

Selected Publications

  • Schneider, J., Di Mitri, D., Limbu, B., & Drachsler, H. (2018, September). Multimodal learning hub: A tool for capturing customizable multimodal learning experiences. In European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (pp. 45-58). Springer, Cham.
  • Di Mitri, D., Schneider, J., Specht, M., & Drachsler, H. (2018). From signals to knowledge: A conceptual model for multimodal learning analytics. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 34(4), 338-349.
  • Schneider, J., Börner, D., Van Rosmalen, P., & Specht, M. (2017). Presentation Trainer: what experts and computers can tell about your nonverbal communication. Journal of computer assisted learning, 33(2), 164-177.
  • Schneider, J., Börner, D., Van Rosmalen, P., & Specht, M. (2016). Can you help me with my pitch? Studying a tool for real-time automated feedback. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 9(4), 318-327.
  • Schneider, J., Börner, D., Van Rosmalen, P., & Specht, M. (2015, November). Presentation trainer, your public speaking multimodal coach. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM on International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (pp. 539-546). acm.
  • Schneider, J., Börner, D., Van Rosmalen, P., & Specht, M. (2015). Augmenting the senses: a review on sensor-based learning support. Sensors, 15(2), 4097-4133.