On September 13, during the MILeS 2022 – Multimodal Immersive Learning Systems workshop that took place at EC-TEL 2022 conference in Toulouse, France, the paper entitled Considerations in Feedback and Periodization for the Multimodal Learning Experience of Running via Wearable Devices was presented.

This paper, which will appear in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings, was written by Fernando P. Cardenas-Hernandez, and Jan Schneider.

Abstract. For the integral learning/training of a psychomotor activity such as running, it is necessary to target not only the physical aspects but also the technical and mental aspects that make it up, an alternative to solve this issue is through the understanding and consideration of feedback and periodization, which are elements that constitute and influence transcendentally and differently each of the three aspects involved. That is why, in this paper, some of the definitions and classifications commonly used in the study of psychomotor skills are first cited. Likewise, the use of wearable devices is proposed as a multimodal and main technology to analyze both elements since they have provided positive results in the same field of research. Subsequently, important considerations are discussed which could serve as a starting point or a conceptual reference for the correct application and analysis of feedback and periodization in each aspect of running and possibly other similar psychomotor skills.