Photo of Nina and Stefan presenting in the worskhop
Photo of Nina and Stefan presenting in the worskhop

On May 14th, a workshop titled “Making Presentable Research” was held at the JTEL Summer School 2024, led by Stefan Hummel, Nina Mouhammad, Daniele Di Mitri, and Jan Schneider. The session was designed to equip PhD candidates with the skills necessary to effectively communicate their research.

The ability to present research clearly and persuasively is a vital skill for PhD candidates. This workshop provided a platform to learn and practice these skills, using innovative software tools designed for message composition and nonverbal communication training.

  • The workshop was organized into several segments, each focusing on different aspects of research presentation:
    An introduction to the topic and project.
  • A guide to downloading and accessing the necessary software.
  • A session on crafting the research pitch using the message composition software.
  • Surveys to gather participant feedback on the software tools.
  • A practical session to rehearse the research pitch, focusing on nonverbal cues.
  • Group presentations where participants shared their pitches with peers.

The workshop’s emphasis on multimodal skills training is particularly relevant in the fields of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) and Educational Technology (EdTech). It highlighted the importance of software support in training these skills, which can include automated feedback and reflection prompts.

Screenshot of the Message Composition Part
Screenshot of the Message Composition Part