Learning Analytics (LA) has become a very heterogeneous research field due to the diversity in the data generated by the Learning Management Systems (LMS) as well as the researchers in a variety of disciplines, who analyze this data from a range of perspectives. In this workshop, we will present a LA tool called Open Learning Analytics Indicator Repository (OpenLAIR). OpenLAIR helps course designers, teachers, students and educational researchers to make informed decisions about the selection of learning activities and LA indicators for their course design or LA dashboard. The aim of this workshop is to allow users to interact with OpenLAIR and allow them to design a LA dashboard for a lifelong learning portal. During the workshop, participants will help with the design and evaluation of the OpenLAIR visual indicators dashboard. We also aim to conduct a study on the effectiveness of OpenLAIR dashboards by presenting a mockup LA dashboard.

Learning Objectives:
* Participants will learn how a LA indicator is connected/linked to Learning Design (LD) learning activities and how a LA indicator is formed using LA metrics
* Participants will further learn which and how indicators can make a dashboard effective
* Participants will learn how to design a chatbot in education

Session Description
* Introduction to learning analytics, learning design, Dashboards, lifelong learning, and chatbots in education
* Introduction to OpenLAIR and its features

Task 1:
* Design a profile with a LA dashboard that will help us to show important information about our lifelong learning
– What indicators would you like to see in the dashboard?
– Create a list of indicators and their metrics that helps to create an indicator
– Rough design of a dashboard
– Mention/define the learning activities that you think are relevant (optional)
* Use OpenLAIR and/or Google drawing

Task 2:
* Design a chatbot by creating a flowchart that will help us find useful courses for our lifelong learning
– What type of questions should the chatbot ask to help people to find the right course for them?
– How would be the communication flow between user and chatbot?
– What information would the chatbot need/use from the profile?
* Use https://app.diagrams.net/ to design a flowchart

* The participants were asked to present their findings
* Discussion and Wrap-up

For further info:

Designing Learning Analytics to Improve Lifelong? Learning

There were 15 participants in the workshop, which were divided into three groups of five. We had positive feedback and outcome regarding designing a LA dashboard and chatbot for a lifelong learning system.

Some pictures from the workshop presentation and the results: