The third Digitaltag will take place on June 24, 2022. The initiative “Digital for All” is behind the Digitaltag. The alliance of more than 25 organizations from the fields of civil society, culture, science, business, welfare and the public sector unites a common goal: to promote digital participation in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler contributes a talk on highly informative and data-driven feedback with AI in higher education. Feedback is a powerful element of all learning processes. However, it is difficult to offer highly informative feedback to large groups of learners. The Educational Technology Collective at Goethe University and the DIPF Leibniz Institute Frankfurt am Main are conducting research on this challenge in a variety of projects. In this talk, Professor Dr. Drachsler will present on designing highly informative feedback with AI. He will detail how highly informative feedback environments can be designed. To this end, he will present FoLA2, a method for using data to create highly informative learning units in collaboration with subject matter experts. He will then present examples of highly informative learning activities and curricula designed using the FoLA2 method. He will demonstrate how these data-enriched activities enable faculty to provide highly informative feedback to their students. He will also present the infrastructure required to deliver highly informative feedback. Finally, he will explain how the presented concept of highly informative feedback can also be applied in different areas of education from higher education to school settings, and discuss future research questions in this context.