As a powerful storytelling tool, immersive media fundamentally change the way we interact with our environment. The EU-funded AR4STEAM project wants to use this potential for new ways of learning in school lessons in natural sciences and arts.

With Augmented Reality (AR) we can merge digital dimension with the physical world and create completely new experiences. Reality becomes a creative canvas on which we can provide information in a completely new and exciting way. Artists and scientists have long recognized that immersive technologies appeal to recipients emotionally on a whole new level and create lasting impressions. AR makes the previously impossible a new reality. The only limit? Our imagination! Studies have shown that the use of technology in the classroom can renew traditional teaching methods and promote motivation, interest and commitment in learning among students, especially in STEM subjects it’s particularly worthy of supporting innovation across the EU. 

The AR4STEAM project therefore wants to instruct students and teachers in 6 European countries on how to use and to create teaching content with the help of immersive technology – without any programming knowledge at all.

NEW! Publication of the Compendium of Gamification Strategies: Promoting creativity through good and proven AR Apps and Technologies for STE(A)M learning! Find publication here: URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-206394

Initially, the project team did a study and needs analysis. Based on it, we selected and tested 12 best practice examples of well-suited AR apps and technologies for STE(A)M teaching. Basic pedagogical considerations and how to design such an activity were also examined and included in the Compendium book and complemented with a design checklist. It gives advice on how to get started as easily and free of charge as possible after a few preliminary considerations and necessary downloads. The Compendium will be published in September on our project webpage. Besides detailed descriptions of all AR Apps and Technologies, as well as, terms of methodology and pedagogy, it also contains an executive summary; a brief sum-up of the most important things to know what AR is and how to get started as quickly, easily, intuitively and safely as possible! Find all updates and publications here:

AR4STEAM Project- what’s next?

Based on the Compendium, the project team will develop an online teacher training programme over this year’s autumn and winter, which will provide teachers with pedagogical, practical and theoretical tips and assistance in using, understanding and confidently applying AR in class in order to make future teaching and learning as technologically advanced and modern in schools in all 6 European countries. The programme will be created and tested until spring 2021. Next steps are to promote to digitally transform the learning experience through the use of AR technology: Let’s get started, test and develop immersive experiences in the classroom. We look forward to share the experiences with our partners, friends and our collaborating schools.  Questions? Feedback? Please feel free to get involved!