Schneider, J., Romano, G., & Drachsler, H. (2019). Beyond Reality—Extending a Presentation Trainer with an Immersive VR ModuleSensors19(16), 3457.

The development of multimodal sensor-based applications designed to support learners with the improvement of their skills is expensive since most of these applications are tailor-made and built from scratch. In this paper, we show how the Presentation Trainer (PT), a multimodal sensor-based application designed to support the development of public speaking skills, can be modularly extended with a Virtual Reality real-time feedback module (VR module), which makes usage of the PT more immersive and comprehensive. The described study consists of a formative evaluation and has two main objectives. Firstly, a technical objective is concerned with the feasibility of extending the PT with an immersive VR Module. Secondly, a user experience objective focuses on the level of satisfaction of interacting with the VR extended PT. To study these objectives, we conducted user tests with 20 participants. Results from our test show the feasibility of modularly extending existing multimodal sensor-based applications, and in terms of learning and user experience, results indicate a positive attitude of the participants towards using the application (PT+VR module).