On 30 March 2022, Hendrik Drachsler gave an invited keynote at the LERN conference 2022 where he reported on the latest research on data-driven high informative feedback in higher education and schools.

The talk focused on the experience of edutec.science research collective that has been gained in the projects DIFA, HIKOF-DL, AFLEK and ALICE. The presentation provided an overview of actionable and supportive feedback to learners as well as the various technical products that the EduTec group has developed. It, therefore, applies web technology to support meta-cognitive and collaborative learning skills with high-informative feedback methods. Hendrik applies validated measurement instruments from the field of psychometrics and investigates to what extent Learning Analytics interventions can reproduce the findings of these instruments. He discussed the lessons learned from implementing TLA systems. He touched on TLA prerequisites like ethics, privacy, and data protection, as well as high informative feedback for collaborative, and meta-cognitive competencies and the ongoing research towards a repository, methods, tools and skills that facilitate the uptake of TLA in Germany.