Finally, we have published an article about the FOLA2 method that we have used for over two years frequently to design Learning Analytics supported Learning Designs with teachers of various backgrounds.

Learning activities are at the core of every educational design effort. Designing learning activities is a process that benefits from reflecting on previous runs of those activities. One way to measure the behaviour and effects of design choices is to use learning analytics (LA). The challenge, however, lies in the unavailability of an easy-to-use, LA-supported learning design (LD) method. We established a method—the Fellowship of Learning Activities and Analytics (FoLA2)—reinforced by a gameboard and cards to provide structure and inspiration. The method enables several participants with different roles to interact with a set of card decks to create an LA-supported LD collaboratively. Using this method helps to design learning activities in a collaborative, practical way; it also raises awareness about the benefits of multidisciplinary co-design and connections between LA and LD. FoLA2 can be used to develop, capture, and systematize design elements and to incorporate LA systematically.


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