Currently, a vast number of the population faces several barriers like the lack of motivation and guidance that impede them from practicing physical activities. Thus, we developed the Pilates Correction Game (PCG), a gamified application designed to support learners with the practice of Pilates. The PCG is composed of two applications: a smartphone application that tracks the learner’s back posture and a PC game that steers a rocket and calculates a score based on the smartphone’s information. In this paper, we present a user experience evaluation on the PCG. Our results show that PCG was positively perceived by participants and in most cases helped them to improve their posture while doing the Pilates exercise. Furthermore, it is also motivating them to continue with the training.

Meik, A., Schneider, J., & Schiffner, D. (2021). Get your back straight! Learn Pilates with the Pilates Correction AppIn: Kienle, A., Harrer, A., Haake, J. M. & Lingnau, A. (Hrsg.), DELFI 2021. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. (S. 163-168).