On 8 April we contributed to the CEL 13th Innovation Room on Learning Analytics; an afternoon focusing on the topic of Learning Analytics.
Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht, head of CEL, TU Delft kicked off the innovation room with a welcome and overview of the programme.

Hendrik Drachsler, Professor of Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics, followed with a keynote on Tangible Trusted Learning Analytics.

Interactive workshops followed the keynote. Participants could choose one workshop out of four, all exploring a different side of Learning Analytics.

After thr coffee break the afternoon was wrapped up with a panel discussion about the Future of Learning Analytics. Marcus Specht moderated this interesting discussion with Claudia Hauff (Associate Prof., EEMCS TU Delft), Tinne de Laet (Associate Prof., Engineering Science KU Leuven), Heather Hamilton (Brightspace), Willem van Valkenburg (Manager Teaching & Learning Services TU Delft) and Hendrik Drachsler (Prof. of Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics, DIPF).

Thank you for the hospitality in DELFT, great to know that we have so powerful partners in Europe to work on the challenges of Educational Technologies-