Starting 1st June 2021, Dr. Jane Yau joins the EduTec team as a Researcher in the HIKOF-DL project. This project combines the existing methods from two open-source software tools – personalisation of formative learning feedback with the OnTask tool (funded by the Australian Govt.) and transformation of generic tests into adaptive ones suiting to individual learner profiles with the KAT-HS tool (funded by BMBF, Germany) in order to form new technologies for improving teaching and learning in the university context. This new feedback system will be implemented and evaluated with students at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and further collaborations with industry partners will be developed, who are interested in the technologies for increasing the learning effectiveness and study success within their students’ courses.

In Jane’s Masters thesis, she focused on adaptive learning and testing, and in her doctoral thesis, she examined in detail various learner profiles and personalised learning in a mobile context-aware setting. In recent years, she investigated study success and reasons for at-risk dropout among first-year university students (in Germany and worldwide). Jane aims to combine her experiences and expertise in order to advance this project successfully and investigate the factors and indicators, which can lead to study success on a massive scale in Germany (as well as internationally and in other countries).

Jane has research experiences in Mobile Learning, Learning Analytics and Educational Technologies from England (PhD at the Warwick University, 2005-2010), Sweden (Postdocs at Linnaeus and Malmö Universities, 2010-14) and Germany (Researcher at DIPF and the Uni. of Mannheim, since 2016), and has published over 50 articles in journals, conferences as well as book chapters. She is a co-editor of the Springer book “Utilising learning analytics for study success”.