On 11.7.2022, team members of the HIKOF-DL project held its third meeting with the project committee members consisting of industry partners. The partner companies / institutions include Goethe Business School, Provadis, GIZ, Deutsche Bahn, Mercedes Benz, Academie für Bildungsforschung und Lehrerbildung. The three project leaders are Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler, Prof. Dr. Andreas Frey (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Dr. David Weiss (studiumDigitale, Goethe University Frankfurt).

In the meeting, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler and team members presented the ongoing research work namely the pilot study involving the course “Einführung in Unterricht sowie Diagnostik und Beratung” taught by Prof. Dr. Andreas Frey, with ca. 1000 students. One of the project aims is to make course assessment less time-consuming for the teaching staff, as this was a significant concern in such a course with a large number of students. Data was collected in the pilot study in order to build a machine learning model to make it possible for automatic assessment thereby reducing / eliminating the time required for staff to grade a large number of assignments. The pilot study ended in February 2022 and the team members have been preparing the data for anonymization, analysis and construction of a machine learning model. In the meeting, the progress, steps and insights of the data analysis were shared with the committee members and allowing any methodological questions to be addressed. The aim of having a committee with industry partners is so that the scientific research outcomes can be shared more widely with society, and therefore creating more research impact.

Other details of the project such as a summary of the project and technologies used, as well as members of the project team, and industry committee members can be found on the project website (https://hikof.uni-frankfurt.de/). A number of blogs have been posted on the project website relating to the first and second committee meetings and also the pilot study, which can be found here: https://hikof.uni-frankfurt.de/blog/