We welcome Andrea Zanellati, who will be visiting the EduTec team at DIPF in Frankfurt until the mid of September.

Andrea is a Doctoral Researcher in Data Science & Computation at the University of Bologna with a background as a math and physics teacher. His main interest is in the application of machine learning techniques to analyze educational data and enhance learning and teaching processes. During the first year of his doctoral activity, he mainly focused on the development of AI tools for the early detection of students at risk of school dropout or underachievement. This early-stage research highlights the urgency to design ad-hoc indicators to trace students’ learning and increase the explainability of AI tools for the educational field.

Andrea has been attracted by the advanced experiences of our institution in the design of a learning/teaching data analysis service and research project. During his stay at DIPF, he will mainly focus on learning progression analytics with data collected through learning management systems (LMS) used to enhance in-person classes. He wants to investigate the perspective of informed machine learning to fill the gap between data which can be “easily” collected through an LMS and the richness of learning, teaching and social dynamics and behaviors of in-person classes. Specifically, he will contribute to the AFLEK and ALICE projects, combining his expertise as a math and physics teacher, his training as an educational data scientist researcher and his willingness to build a fruitful research network.  

We look forward to learning from each other’s experiences and to the coming months of scientific exchange. Welcome Andrea!