On 18th November 2021, Dr Daniele Di Mitri was invited to give a guest lecture to the Human-AI Interaction course at Carnegie Mellon University. The course is organised by Haiyi Zhu, Steven Wu and it resonates with Di Mitri’s seminar Responsible AI for Human support.

Abstract of the guest lecture: This guest lecture will focus on artificial intelligence in education. We start the lecture with a short history of AI systems in education; we will then introduce the concept of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), the idea of providing automatic and personalised feedback for learners and provide some examples of modern ITSs. Additionally, we look at alternative and more indirect applications of AI in education and their potential support and benefits in education. Finally, we consider how modern multimodal and multi-sensor interfaces can be used in education and how AI can support the data collection, analysis and automatic feedback generation and facilitate Multimodal Learning Experiences.