A few impressions: After a two-year break, scholars can finally meet again for a personal exchange at the “Gender & STEM Conference”. I was able to meet so many exciting people and studies, and I think that we German universities have benefited especially from the intersectional and feminist perspectives from the USA, Canada and the Netherlands: How do transgender students experience support in Computer Science? What can universities do to keep students of colour and especially women* of colour longer in STEM programmes? Stop fixing Women* in STEM was the tenor, fix the System: I go back to Frankfurt with a lot of smart approaches on the institutional and pedagogical level and a lot of encouraging feedback on my PhD thesis on Gender in STEM/Technology. My personal highlight was meeting other young women researchers from all over the world and Jaquelynne Eccles – the female pope of gender research who still rocks her keynote at the age of 80! I am very grateful for this experience.