In the last years, research to connect learning analytics to learning design has been on the rise, but there still are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to make a workable connection between learning analytics and learning design. To improve the quality it is important to capture and
structure the design choices and to retrieve data on the behavior, the effects and the opinions about the designed learning activities. In an effort to get (1) input on the learning design choices of learning activities and (2) bridge the gap between learning analytics and learning design, a board game has been developed. The Fellowship of the Learning Activity is a serious game that captures and systematizes the learning design of learning activities. Additionally, the game brings awareness for the players of the multidisciplinary approach of learning design and the connection of learning analytics to learning design.

The demo shows a play session of The Fellowship of the Ring. It shows the game elements that are used to connect learning analytics and learning design and it shows how learning design choices can be captured and systematized.

Schmitz, Marcel; Scheffel, Maren; Bemelmans, Roger; Drachsler, Hendrik
(2019): Fellowship Of The Learning Activity – Learning Analytics 4 Learning Design Game.