Prof. Drachsler was invited to the 11th Brazilian – German Frontiers of Science and Technology Symposium. The focus of the event was on
challenging times and progress of science & engineering with the current circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These times require creative approaches and stimulating individuals working on new solutions for the challenges of our time, realizing new solutions. In this view the BRAGFOST symposium aims to bring together young but experienced scientists and create the environment fostering a vibrant exchange with interesting colleagues from their own field and furthermore transdisciplinary exchange. The generalizable basis of complexity in our world already transcendent from science and natural systems more and more into our every days life – social systems, finances, economy up to education. Finding new solutions currently involves so called ”augmented“ systems approaches which turned into a connecting element for our research topics for this years sessions. Our aim of having specialists giving overviews about their field of research as well as their own research efforts covering a wide area and making it accessible for specialists from other fields of science and technology lies on the heart of this frontiers science symposium. The topics of this symposium will cover challenging fields with a great impact on science as well as society ranging from augmented intelligence over biotechnology to personalized medicine.

Prof. Drachsler contributed to the session on Augmented Intelligence and Education with a talk about the Multimodal Learning Analytics.