During 6-8 June 2023, Ioana Jivet participated in the first in-person Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI) since 2019, hosted by the National University of Singapore (NUS). The event included a keynote delivered by NUS President Prof. Tan Eng Chye on how NUS is supporting education with educational data, a keynote delivered by Prof. Rebecca Ferguson on the current challenges and opportunities of the field of learning analytics (LA), an expert panel discussing the role of LA in the age of AI and a series of tutorials and workshops conducted by various professionals in the field of LA.

As part of the program, Ioana Jivet led a 5.5-hour workshop and a 2-hour tutorial focusing on effective dashboard design, data visualization, and sense-making.

The workshop “Effective Dashboard Design and Data Visualization for Learners” centred on the importance of clear, effective data visualization in student-facing learning analytics. Participants were given an introduction to the guidelines of dashboard design and were provided with opportunities to analyze examples of LA dashboards and to design their own dashboard mockups.

In the tutorial “Introduction to Sense-making and Effective Dashboard Design,” Jivet delved into the concept of sense-making. Using a dashboard mock-up as a case study, the tutorial discussed how dashboard design elements can either facilitate or hinder sense-making. The aim was to improve understanding of how dashboard design and data visualization can contribute to a greater positive impact of dashboards in the learning process.