At the JTEL Summer School 2023 in La Manga, Spain, we hosted the “Teacher Dashboards supported by AI-generated Feedback” workshop.

In this workshop, the Learning Analytics Cockpit (LA Cockpit), a tool developed by us, was presented and optimized by the participants. The LA Cockpit is a teacher dashboard that allows teachers to view the learning status of students through different visualizations and to interact with these visualizations to send feedback to (individual or groups of) students through a feedback system to “steer” the learning process.
After a short intro on teacher dashboards and feedback theory, the tool with its visual feedback system was be tested “hands-on” by all participants in the workshop. Afterwards we discussed on how to improve the LA Cockpit and for which purposes teachers would ideally use it in their daily practice.

As a next step, we presented our concept to automatically create highly informative feedback to students based to their free-text responses with the help of Large Language Models (like GPT or LLAMA). We discussed particularly one crucial problem of LLMs which create feedback is, that they “hallucinate”, meaning that they make things up and can therefore create false feedback texts.

On the other hand, we also discussed the positive aspects of the scalability of AI-generated feedback. Furthermore, we formulated the hypothesis that AI feedback has benefits, such as causing less negative feelings in the students than the feedback they get from their teachers.