Learning analytics dashboards (LADs) are essentially feedback tools for learners. However, until recently, learners rarely have had a role in designing LADs, especially in deciding the information they would like to receive through such devices. Although learners might not always know what they need to self-manage their learning, we need to understand what type of feedback information and dashboard features they are likely to engage with and if, when, and how they use dashboards. To explore how LADs can better meet the needs of learners, we have embarked on two sets of studies aiming to understand students’ information needs. In the first set of studies, we developed a customisable LAD for Coursera MOOCs on which learners can set goals and choose feedback indicators to monitor. We then analysed the learners’ indicator selection behaviour to understand their decisions on the LAD and whether learner goals and self-regulated learning skills influence these decisions. The second line of study is a work in progress where we explore learners’ study and feedback practices through interviews and surveys to identify information gaps that LA-generated feedback could cover. These studies highlight the role of both feedback literacy and data literacy on the perceived value students draw from LADs.

In this SoLAR webinar, Dr. Ioana Jivet and Dr. Jacqueline Wong discuss implications for our understanding of learners’ use of LADs and their design while also suggesting potential dimensions for adapting such interventions.

Video recording | PDF slides