Following the successful execution of the dghd series on Learning Analytics in higher education, and based on the decided community interest, we were excited to have announced the continuation of the lecture series focusing on Learning Analytics. The series, which was organized jointly by the dghd working groups “Digital Media in Higher Education Didactics (dmhd)” and “Psychology and Teaching-Learning Research,” along with the dghd board, aimed to shed light on the capabilities of Learning Analytics and how it could be implemented across various university projects.

Among the presentations, the group contributed an presentation entitled “Hochinformatives Feedback mit Learning Analytics” by Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler on November 23, 2023. This presentation kicked off by introducing the code of conduct for the application of Learning Analytics. At a time when data from learning and teaching environments was being collected at such a fine granular level, the analysis of this data utilizing AI had the potential to provide significant insights into students’ abilities and learning behaviors. These insights acted as critical inputs for crafting curriculums, designing courses, offering personalized assistance, and developing new educational offerings.

In his presentation, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Drachsler critically evaluated whether current approaches adequately addressed our students’ academic success. He presented his research program on  Highly-Informative Learning Analytics (HILA), that are developed in collaboration with interdisciplinary experts and researched in experimental intervention studies. The outputs of the HILA research program included a collection of tools and methods that could be implemented in other university practices.

The slides of the presentation can be found here:
2023_11_DGHD_ HILA

A summary of the HILA research program is available here:
HILA Research Program

For the behavioral code, Trusted LA:
Verhaltenskodex Trusted Learning Analytic

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