Due to popular request, we’ve pulled together a list of peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences where research into Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics is published. Although the list is surely not comprehensive, it may be used as a handy overview to learn about the breadth and diversity of this area of research as well the publication outlets that the EduTec team reads and values.

The journals are sorted by the main scientific publishing houses, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Wiley, and Sage. Journals that did not fit, either because they are published by a less represented publishing house (thus, not warranting its own category) or are published by scientific societies or universities, are listed under “Other”. Besides this, we further provide info whether the journals are subscription-based or open access. Open access is further distinguished by being either free-to-read and free-to-publish or free-to-read with a publication fee (article processing charge), in which authors pay money for publication once the manuscript is accepted after peer-review.

If you would like to learn more about these journals, please click on the link embedded in the journals’ shorthand. If you are interested in citation metrics, you can go to Scopus or Scimago and just type in the journal name to learn more about its performance. Additionally, you can consult a curated list of open access journals with some more relevant information.