This plugin provides extensive logging for user interactions with the moodle learning management system. By default, moodle only provides logs for high-level interactions with the site, such as completing an activity. However, for the purpose of research of learning behavior, fine-grained data is often required.
Currently, the plugin provides logging for the following user interactions:

  • Scrolling on a page
  • Mouse Movement
  • Clicking on elements
  • Video and audio element interactions (play, pause, seek)
  • Text highlighting and copying
  • Page resize
  • Changes in checkbox selection
  • Text input changes

For all interactions, the current page, timestamps and user id’s are logged. With these interaction data, behavioral indicators for the research of learning phenomena can be composed. For example, the scrolling indicators and timestamps could be used to infer whether a page has been fully read, or only skimmed.

Further Information:

Daniel Biedermann

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