Last week, the University of Hildesheim hosted an enlightening keynote by Sebastian Wollny on the topic, “Unterricht mit KI?! Schule in Zeiten von ChatGPT und Chatbots” (Teaching with AI?! School in the Era of ChatGPT and Chatbots). This thought-provoking presentation unfolded a narrative that encompassed the history of chatbots, their profound influence on our daily lives, three pivotal areas for their application in education, and the evolving role of educators.

The keynote was a pivotal event within the framework of the teacher training program, “Digitalisierung in der Unterrichtspraxis: Erprobte Konzepte und Tools für den Fachunterricht” (Digitalization in Teaching Practice: Tested Concepts and Tools for Subject Instruction). It brought together approximately 50 enthusiastic educators from across Lower Saxony, all eager to enhance their teaching through digital means.

Aside from Sebastian Wollny’s captivating keynote, the event showcased innovative digital teaching materials developed as part of the Cu₂RVE project. This ambitious project seeks to integrate curriculum components into teacher training programs and future study curricula. The presentation of these materials marked the inauguration of a year-long program designed to support teachers in integrating digital tools into their everyday classroom routines.

The forthcoming release of Sebastian Wollny’s keynote as an Open Educational Resource (OER) by the University of Hildesheim underscores the commitment to making valuable educational resources accessible to all. This move will undoubtedly amplify the impact of the insights shared during this remarkable event.

Sebastian Wollny’s keynote served as a beacon of inspiration for educators and a testament to the dynamic changes taking place in the realm of education. It’s a testament to the continuous efforts to harness the potential of AI and technology in the classroom, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.

Scientific Reference: Wollny S, Schneider J, Di Mitri D, Weidlich J, Rittberger M and Drachsler H (2021) Are We There Yet? – A Systematic Literature Review on Chatbots in Education. Front. Artif. Intell. 4:654924. doi: 10.3389/frai.2021.654924