On November 29, 2023, the University of Bremen invited Hendrik Drachsler to deliver a keynote on AI and Learning Analytics in higher education. Hendrik presented the work of edutec.science and studiumdigitale, highlighting their advancements, challenges, and the future prospects of integrating AI-based systems for learning and teaching. The keynote shed light on the theoretical foundations, practical implications, and the importance of ethical considerations when harnessing the power of AI in education.

During his speech, Hendrik acknowledged the significance of units like studiumdigitale, the central innovation unit for Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He explained the SMS transfer process (Scouting-Maturing-Service transfer process) and its role in shaping the EdTech ecosystem of the university.

Hendrik emphasized the impact of learning analytics—an emerging field that utilizes data to enhance the learning and teaching process. He discussed studiumdigitale’s efforts in developing a comprehensive institutional framework for learning analytics, including the responsible use of student data, ethical considerations, and the potential benefits of personalized learning experiences.

The keynote also highlighted Hendrik’s research and collaborative project with the University of Frankfurt, specifically focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence in teaching. He showcased the work of the GenKI research group and their innovative use of generative AI technology for student feedback development. A key aspect of Hendrik’s keynote was the introduction of the joint project called IMPACT, providing insights into the technical foundations for formative feedback and empirical findings of the project.

The slides can be found here:

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