How can software support presentation skills training? How can AI be used responsibly in this context? What to take from traditional presentation skills training and what to do completely different? In the HyTea consortium meeting, we discussed these questions but also many others and took important decisions on what to focus on in the HyTea project.

We started preparing the needed knowledge needed for these critical decisions a few months ago when conducting interviews with presentation training experts. We asked them how they train presentation skills, how students should prepare a presentation and how they think AI or technology in general could support in presentation skills training. Furthermore, we also discussed concerns the experts had regarding AI usage in this context. In preparation of the consortium meeting, we synthesized all the insights from the interviews in an extensive aggregation process. Furthermore, we coupled it with research insights from existing scientific literature and also did first proof-of-concept implementations in parallel to have a first overview about technical feasibility. This gave us a solid foundation for discussing and deciding on which aspects to focus on in the HyTea project.

Since the input from the interviews was incredibly helpful, we would like to, again, thank all participating experts for the great interviews and the valuable insights we got! We hope to be able to publish these insights as soon as possible.