On 10-11 July 2023, a representative of the GREAT project was invited to give a plenary talk at the “Young Minds in Technology Advancements” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is the Science and Education Leadership Training event for young scientists at the Malaysian Young Academy. For the purpose of this event, Jane developed a plenary talk titled “Achieving 21st Century Education and Skills to advance Sustainable Development Goals”, which was presented by Dr. Sri Fatmawati from the Global Young Academy, as Jane could not be in-person at the event. The plenary talk included the following:

– What 21st century skills and sustainable development goals are.
– How education needs to be transformed to advance sustainable development.
– How technologies can increase access to education.
– Some disadvantages of technologies such as addiction, cyberbullying etc.
– How games can be used to reach a large proportion of citizens to raise awareness of global issues. Sharing the goals and plans of the GREAT project including how games aim to be an effective communication channel between citizens and policy-makers, in the context of the Climate Emergency (as the case study for the project).

Interesting questions from the audience include how education for sustainable development can be implemented as national policies, and how to influence policy-makers on their decision-making process.