“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a phrase that we all have heard multiple times in our life. We know all the positive effects of Sports and Exercise. However, let’s face it! Physical activity is not always fun and when doing it incorrectly without any guidance or feedback it is difficult to see improvements or even worse, we can face the risk of injury.

To address these issues Anna Meik for her bachelor thesis developed the Pilates correction App. An application designed to support the practice of the “Kneeling Arm and Leg Reach” Pilates exercise in a gamified way, where the user helps a virtual rocket to reach high scores through the stability of their lower backs.

  1. Meik, A., Schneider, J., & Schiffner, D. (2021). Get your back straight! Learn Pilates with the Pilates Correction App. In: Kienle, A., Harrer, A., Haake, J. M. & Lingnau, A. (Hrsg.), DELFI 2021. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.. (S. 163-168). https://dl.gi.de/handle/20.500.12116/37005

If you want to strengthen your lower back in a fun way you can download the source of the project here: