Frankfurt, Germany – Last Thursday, TEDx Women Gallus hosted a captivating event with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over 200 participants, including experts and international attendees, gathered to gain insights from female speakers on gender equality and inclusivity. Our researcher, Dana Kube, was among the speakers who delivered a TED talk.

Dana Kube, a dedicated researcher at DIPF and Goethe University Frankfurt, specializes in dismantling gender bias in social learning (CSCL) and AI. Her commitment to empowering women, nurturing non-binary individuals in education, and advocating for social justice and environmental protection shone through her presentation.

Her TED talk, titled “Can feminist AI drive gender equality and inclusivity? Envisioning a collaborative future,” provided profound insights into the intersection of AI and gender dynamics. She dismantled gender bias in AI, analyzed issues starting from gender disparities in Western societies to data collection, gender data gaps, and AI’s development, implementation, and regulation today. She shed light on innovative pathways to empower a more inclusive and equal AI development and usage. Dana delved into the potential of feminist AI to reshape society, enhance inclusivity, and pave the way for a more collaborative future. The talk aimed at provoking thought, inspiring change, and igniting meaningful conversations.

TEDx Women Frankfurt Event 19/10/2023
TEDx Women Frankfurt Event with speakers Menoosha Muziki, MK Kirigin, Alex Gessner & Dana Kube 19/10/2023

Speakers Alex Gessner, MK Kirigin, Dana Kube and Menoosha Muziki at their TEDx Women Gallus Event in Frankfurt 

Reflecting on the event, Dana Kube shared, “It was an inspiring event with many empowering women on stage, and the networking session facilitated valuable connections and discussions.”

TEDx Women provided a platform for women to share their experiences, knowledge, and aspirations, furthering the cause of gender equality. The evening featured inspirational speakers, engaging discussions, and a networking opportunity for participants to connect and exchange ideas.

For those eager to learn more about this thought-provoking event and the insights shared by our researcher, additional information will be available in the coming days.