We are delighted to announce that Dr. Eyal Rabin, a distinguished researcher in the field of educational technology, has joined us as an International Visiting Fellow at the EduTec group at DIPF and Goethe University in Frankfurt from July till September. This fellowship is generously funded by the Goethe University and aims to foster collaborative research and knowledge exchange in the field of educational technology.

Dr. Rabin serves as a research associate at the Center of Innovation in Educational Technology at the Open University of Israel. His research expertise lies in exploring the complexities of learning in online courses and digital environments, employing learning analytics methods (LA) and drawing from multiple interdisciplinary fields, including psychology, education and computer science.

The focus of Dr. Rabin’s research revolves around understanding the factors and predictors that influence learners’ intention fulfillment and satisfaction in online learning environments. His studies employ a comprehensive approach by combining survey data with log and process data to merge background variables with behavioral data.

During his tenure as an International Visiting Fellow, Dr. Rabin will actively engage in collaborative research projects with faculty and researchers from EduTec and studiumdigitale on the subjects of informative feedback and methodological issues in researching educational technology. His expertise in learning analytics and interdisciplinary research methodologies will undoubtedly enrich ongoing projects and facilitate the development of new innovative research initiatives. Moreover, Dr. Rabin will also contribute to the intellectual community by delivering a lecture on his research topics, thereby providing an opportunity for fruitful discussions and knowledge dissemination.

The presence of Dr. Rabin, as an International Visiting Fellow, will strengthen the collaboration between DIPF and the Open University of Israel and will lead to fruitful collaborations, valuable insights and meaningful contributions to the field of educational technology. We extend our gratitude to Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität for their generous support, which has made this collaboration possible.