At the 17th EATEL Summer School on Technology-Enhanced Learning (JTELSS 2023) in La Manga, Spain, Gianluca Romano, Jan Schneider, and Daniele Di Mitri conducted the workshop “Building an Application to Track Psychomotor Skills with Wearable Sensors”.

The workshop delved into the world of scalable mobile applications and wearable sensors, providing insights into psychomotor skill development. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the key highlights from this enriching session.

Participants embarked on an exploration of mobile application architecture, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how tasks are effectively distributed between the frontend and backend. Further, participants learned about software building principles to build more reliable and maintainable software such as Separation of Concerns, Single Source of Truth, and Dependency Injection.

Through interactive exercises and insightful group work, attendees discovered what it takes to build their own understanding of psychomotor skills and how this can be realized in a real mobile application which was a truly memorable experience. Participants were guided through a set of questions about the selection of psychomotor skills withing the application, sensors during skill execution, and feedback design for the learner. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a rich exchange of ideas and ignited inspiration.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the participants who contributed to the success of this workshop. Keep an eye out for future events as we collectively shape the future of mobile apps, wearable sensors, and the fascinating world of psychomotor skill learning. Together, we will continue to make remarkable strides in this exciting field.