From June 3rd to 10th, the city of La Manga in Spain hosted an exciting event, the Seventeenth EATEL Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning (JTELSS 2023). Among the talented researchers organizing this renowned summer school for young TEL researchers in Europe, Sebastian Wollny contributed with a workshop focused on the speed design challenge.

The challenge this year was to design an “AI in the Loop” interface specifically aimed at helping teachers analyze Exit Slips. These short reflection tasks, given at the end of a lesson, offer valuable insights into student comprehension and learning. However, teachers often struggle with limited time to thoroughly analyze these Exit Slips.

Sebastian encouraged participants to place the human at the center of their design while incorporating artificial intelligence, embracing the concept of “AI in the Loop.” The goal was to find innovative ways to leverage AI technology while preserving the essential role of human judgment in education.

The inspiration for this challenge stemmed from experiences gathered through Edutec’s ML2MT project. Eighteen enthusiastic participants took on the challenge, each equipped with 200 EC-TEL dollars. This unique digital currency allowed participants to invest in projects beyond their own.

The participants’ enthusiasm and satisfaction were overwhelming as they enjoyed the challenge. At the conclusion of the workshop, the winners were announced. Team “Moody” and team “HomAI” emerged victorious with the highest investments in their projects. Congratulations to both teams for their achievements! Their success showcased the transformative potential of “AI in the Loop” interfaces for analyzing Exit Slips.