The IMPACT project held its third project meeting in Hagen, Germany, from 30.11-01.12.2023. The IMPACT project seeks to enhance higher education through the sizable implementation of Artificial Intelligence procedures for (partially) automated text analysis. Along the Student Life Cycle, prospective and current students receive highly informative, personalized feedback based on text during the orientation and entry phases, throughout the course of their studies (formative assessment), and upon the completion of academic performances (summative assessment).

Supported by change management based on the SHEILA process model, five German universities are implementing text-based AI procedures. These include chatbots, personalized feedback systems for formative and summative assessments. The interdisciplinary consortium leverages internationally-tested open-source software solutions, along with shared standards for interoperability in higher education with learning management systems like Moodle, Stud.IP, ILIAS, Online Study Choice Assistants, and assessment systems such as LPLUS.

The third IMPACT project meeting, therefore, marked a considerable step not just in reviewing past achievements and  in mapping future aims for the incorporation of AI in higher education across the consortium, yielding several noteworthy advancements in tems of policy papers and shared software modules.

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