Open Learning Analytics Indicator Repository in short OpenLAIR is a system whose frontend consists of a dashboard. This dashboard will provide an interface that filters out the list of indicators and their metrics that can be used for a particular activity. All our results will be based on the literature that we have conducted previously. Our dashboard will contain learning events, learning activities, indicators, and metrics. Where Learning Event is learning or teaching event occurs during a learner’s activity or a teacher’s activity. Leclercq and Poumay identified eight learning events: create, explore, practice, imitate, receive, debate, meta-learn, and experiment. (Learning) activity is an activity where an action that the learner does in an LMS environment, for example, posting, discussing, uploading, etc. (Duval, 2011). Usually, in the LMS environment, all these activities are captured and stored to analyze and can be used to improve learning (Park, 2015). Metrics are the data collected (measurements) about the activity that a learner does in a learning environment (e.g., # of views, # of posts, etc.). Indicators are metrics used to create indicators; an indicator is a product of multiple metrics to give a more complete picture on a particular (abstract) learner status, e.g., self-reflection, etc.

We submitted a research poster on OpenLAIR to LAK20 and the poster got accepted.

OpenLAIR Poster:

Poster presentation:

Atezaz Ahmad, Jan Schneider, Hendrik Drachsler, Open Learning Analytics Indicator Repository (OpenLAIR), DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, LAK20 (2019)