SEREne – Self-REgulation widget

Serene is a tool to support self-regulated learning, both in research and in everyday practice.


Serene supports the planning process by offering a template that is especially suited for the creation of learning goals. Learning goals have to be associated with a point in time and learners are asked to also create sub-plans on how they aim to achieve the goals.
We are currently working on features to analyze the written goals via NLP and give direct feedback during the creation (e.g. keeping them SMART).



Monitoring of the learning in serene is done via an interface that

  • Asks the learner for the progress on their tasks


  • Asks them for the reasons that affected their learning


Learners can therefore already connect their goal achievement performance with the reasons, providing them with better insight why they perform particularly good or bad.


The reflection tab has several visualizations that are there to help the learner reflect on his progress.

The screenshot shows an example of two possible visualizations, others can be easily activated.


We are currently working on functionality that will give individualized recommendations to learners based on their goal achievement habbits.