AR4STE(A)M – gamification strategies and augmented reality for innovative STE(A)M learning

Nowadays, competence requirements have changed with more jobs being subject to automation, technologies playing a bigger role in all areas of work and life, and entrepreneurial, social and civic competences becoming more relevant in order to ensure resilience and ability to adapt to change. Digitization affects how people live, interact, study and work. This makes investing in one’s digital skills throughout life of the utmost importance. As a consequence, education systems need to adapt to this reality. Innovation is ‘extremely relevant’ for meeting the education sector’s needs and digital technology has huge, untapped potential for improving education, especially in STEM subjects.

With the AR4STE(A)M project the Educational Technologies Team tackles these Issues by leading a strategic partnership supported by the European Commission in order to raise awareness on the importance of choosing STE(A)M studies for pursuing successful careers, especially among young students. Over the course of 2, 5 years the Team will work – together with 6 Partners from 6 EU countries – to give school teachers innovative instruments and tools to overcome the traditional method of teaching and learning engaging students to learn while enjoying. Supporting educational institutions in integrating immersive technologies and GBL for teaching STE(A)M within their curricula.