December 8, 2020

Time and day

This is the recurring event of the Oberseminar in Education Technologies scheduled as a recurring event each Tuesday from 11 AM to 12 PM. In some circumstances it can be moved, please refer to the schedule below.

The Oberseminar takes place on Zoom in the following room.

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Meeting ID: 854 1515 6132
Passcode: 212892


The purpose of this event is that theses in the field of educational technologies, either written or in progress, are presented by their authors in a lecture of about 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute discussion about the work or related topics.

The goals are:

  • Get to know what else is being researched in the research group
  • Exploiting synergies
  • Practising the presentation and the scientific discussion

The target audience is primarily students who are interested in writing their thesis in our field of study. Current topics can be found here. The event is open to all interested students.

Upcoming Oberseminars

DateTimePlacePresenterTopicThesis TypeSupervisor
22.09.202111:00ZoomBuraha, TetianaErfassen und Analyse von physiologischen Daten während des Ausführens kognitiver AufgabenBScJan Schneider
22.09.202111:30ZoomBurg, AndréAffective computer interfaces with EEGBScDaniele Di Mitri
28.09.202111:00ZoomBöttger, FelixDevelopment of an Infrastructure for Machine Learning Supported Live Learning Analytics in Distanced Learning ScenariosBScDaniele Di Mitri
28.09.202111:30ZoomCetinkaya, UfukImproving virtual learning sessions through emotion recognition modelsBScDaniele Di Mitri